• Prince George knows exactly what he wants
  • And also what he doesn't
  • He asked to break with THIS tradition

Prince George is not afraid to make an announcement to his grandfather, the newly crowned King Charles III. Prince William's and Princess Kate's eldest son had a special request for his grandfather at his coronation. He featured as a page at the 74-year-old's coronation and had major misgivings about it.

Prince George already has a strong temperament

Why exactly is that? It all comes down to his fashion for the day. Because the pages, consisting of four boys, had to wear white knee breeches in addition to their traditional costume.

Also interesting:

As would be typical for any young boy looking to fit in, the 9-year-old wanted to do without this because he was afraid of being bullied at school for it, a royal insider told the 'Daily Mail'...

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