• George, Charlotte and Louis actually have a nanny
  • Maria Borrallo has been their nanny for years
  • Now, however, they will no longer have live-in help

The Cambridges are moving. As British media reports, William (40), Kate (40) and their three children are set to leave Kensington Palace and go to Adelaide Cottage in Windsor. There the family life of the Cambridges will change drastically. For the first time, the royal kids will not have a nanny who lives in the same house as them.

This is why the Royal children will soon no longer have a nanny

According to the Telegraph, the move means they will have to part ways with beloved nanny Maria Borrallo. She will live somewhere else. Maria Borrallo joined the family when Prince George was just eight months old and has been helping take care of them ever since.

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That's why Windsor is a better home for the Cambridges

The main reason for the move, according to nobility expert Ingrid Seward, is that the family feels constrained in Kensington Palace. To learn more about the move and the reasoning behind it, check out the video above!