• Royals have to be particular about their clothing
  • The fashion of Kate, Meghan, and more is always popular
  • These are the dress codes British royals must follow

The British Royal Family is one of Europe's favourites – not least because of their stylish appearance. Time and again, especially Princess Kate and Duchess Meghan prove how stylish the modern royals are.

But even the Queen, who died in 2022, was always well-dressed. That's good reason for us to take a closer look at the dress code of the royal ladies!

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A closer look at the royal dress code

Even though the Queen's style of dress was conservative, when it came to colour, she was bold. Whether squeaky yellow or bright pink: the Queen loved eye-catching colours – and there was a reason for that.

In a documentary, Princess Eugenie once revealed that the Queen must be visible so that everyone in the crowd can say they got a glimpse of the monarch.

Even though the royals have a pretty strict dress code, there are casual days among the British. Wearing jeans, for instance, is not forbidden entirely. 

Princess Kate and Prince William have been photographed in jeans before, for example at a rodeo show in Calgary.

Not just any royal can wear a tiara...

What does a princess wear? That's right: a tiara. But did you know that women are only allowed to wear a tiara if they are married or a member of the Royal Family? Even Kate was only allowed to wear the sparkling headdress after her wedding with Prince William.

And something else worth knowing about Princess Kate: According to Vanity Fair, never wore wedge heels in the presence of the Queen. According to an insider, the Queen was not a big fan of such shoes.

Also interesting:

Have you ever wondered why Prince George used to wear shorts so often? Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty, clarified this to People some time ago:

"Boys wear short trousers until they are 8. It is very English," says the expert. However, in George's case, one or two exceptions were made already before the age of 8.

Did you ever notice this? The royals always carry their handbags either in the hand or the crook of the arm – over the shoulder would be a real no-go according to the rules.

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