• Duchess Camilla gives private insights into her life
  • In an interview, she spoke about her cooking skills
  • Prince Charles's wife is not great in the kitchen

Who would have thought? Duchess Camilla is a bit of a mess in the kitchen. Prince Charles's wife rarely cooks and confesses she's had many "cooking disasters."

As a member of the Royal Family, Camilla enjoys the privilege of having private chefs do the work for her. And that might be for the best, judging by her reveals in a new interview with You Magazine.

Royal can't cook! Duchess Camilla gets candid

In the chat, Camilla talks to her son Tom Parker Bowles (born in her first marriage) about her qualities as a homemaker. "I always cooked for the children growing up, and they were good eaters, but I was never the most adventurous of cooks," admits the Queen's daughter-in-law.

Also interesting:

"I was sent on a cooking course in Sussex when I was young but, really, I learnt from my mother. I've never followed a recipe in my life," Camilla continued.

And then the amusing confession. "I could fill a book with all my cooking disasters," Camilla said. "I'm not a natural baker, to say the least. As for baked potatoes… many a poor, incinerated specimen has been found in the bottom of the Aga, put in, then forgotten about."

But Camilla isn't entirely hopeless when it comes to food. At home on their estate in Highgrove, Camilla and husband Prince Charles grow their own vegetables — and the couple apparently tries to outdo each other with their crops.

The Duchess explained: "I am very proud of my white peaches. My husband is a great gardener and we compete when it comes to our fruit and veg."