• Princess Charlene has been absent at recent royal events
  • The wife of Prince Albert battled health problems recently
  • Fans are concerned about Charlene's well-being again

Princess Charlene has missed two official appointments, causing many to again worry about her health.

Only recently she celebrated her comeback in the public, after a long period of absence due to illness.

Prince Albert spoke out more often during this difficult time and made it clear that Charlene needed some time off. And the Princess had fully returned to public life – until now.

Where is Princess Charlene? Concern after recent events

On Jan. 23, Charlene was expected at the side of her husband Prince Albert at the luxury hotel Fairmont Monte Carlo, for the charity football match "The Fight Aids Cup 2023."

However, the monarch appeared only with his nephew Louis Ducruet and his wife Marie, and niece Camille Gottlieb.

Also interesting:

Previously, Charlene of Monaco was already absent from the circus festival, which her husband also attended with his niece, nephew, and the twins Jacques and Gabriella.

On Wednesday, Charlene will celebrate her 45th birthday. Fans eagerly await to see if she will show up on this special day...

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