• Harry and Meghan have their own docuseries
  • It was originally supposed to be released on Netflix in December
  • The release date has now been postponed

There's bad news for Harry and Meghan! Production for their Netflix documentary has been postponed. Harry and Meghan have launched many projects on their own since emigrating to the U.S.

In addition to the podcast Archetypes, they also planned on filming a documentary series, which will showcase the couple's private life. This was supposed to be released on Netflix in December, but now the launch date has been postponed.

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Harry and Meghan's documentary is being postponed over The Crown criticism

The reason for this is the current criticism of the fifth season of The Crown, which is scheduled to air in November. The series dives into the British royal family and the lives of the royal members at different stages of their lives. 

According to critics, the fact that some of it is mixed with fiction is not always clear. The new season focuses mainly on the marital problems between Lady Diana and King Charles III, which can damage the reputation of the monarch. 

The streaming services deem this delicate as well, so they have postponed Harry and Meghan's documentary for now. A source told Deadline, "Netflix executives are unsettled and have decided to postpone the documentary."