• Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have signed a Netflix deal
  • However, the streaming service does not make the royals look good
  • Then why is the couple sticking with the project?

Prince Harry (38) and his wife Meghan (41) could not be busier at the moment. While Meghan runs her podcast Archetypes, Harry is set to publish his biography Spare in the new year.

But the couple insisted on realizing a joint project. Together with the streaming platform Netflix, the former working royals will release a documentary about their lives.

The Crown criticizes Royals - Harry and Meghan still on Netflix?

While many are eagerly awaiting the release, there has also been criticism of the collaboration. After all the portrayal of the royal family in the Netflix series The Crown was criticized.

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Critics can't understand how Prince Harry can stick to the deal with the streaming service. Royal commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti believes Harry and Meghan had an "arranged deal" with Netflix, as he explains to Express UK.

"I wonder if it might be some sort of arranged deal, spoken or unspoken that they have that will see them left alone in the crown if they provide their version of their story," according to Sacerdoti.

Is that why Harry and Meghan are on Netflix?

Although The Crown creator Peter Morgan had already confirmed that the series would end after the sixth season, Meghan and Harry could see their chance.

According to Sacerdoti, the couple can tell the story of the royal family from their point of view.

"I certainly think it would be undesirable for Meghan and Harry to have recent events described in The Crown, I know producers said they aren't keen to go right up to the present day, but maybe that's why they are so keen on this Netflix series," he said.

Thus, they would have control over their own story and the way it is told.