• The Crown is in everyone's mouth lately
  • The portrayal of the royal family is being criticized
  • Now the cast speaks up about the show

The premiere of the new season of The Crown, on November 9th, is getting closer and closer. However, people are getting more critical of the way the royal's history is being presented in the show, the closer we get to the release of the new season. Many think that The Crown deliberately hides the fact that a lot of story arcs are fiction.

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The Crown Actor: Viewers are aware that this is a drama series

Recently the cast of this Netflix series broke their silence to speak up loud and clear against all the backlash amidst the new season. Sir Jonathan Pryce, who plays the role of Prince Philip in the new season, told Deadline: "The vast majority of people know it's a drama. They've been watching it for four seasons."

He made it clear that the majority of viewers already know that this series dramatizes situations. He and Lesley Manville, who will play Princess Margaret, feel that the level of criticism is more sensitive after the Queen's death.

In addition, Pryce criticized the way some of his fellow actors have been reacting. Such as the actress Judi Dench who described the show's plot as "cruel and unfair." The fifth season of The Crown will focus primarily on Lady Diana's final moments.