• The whole world mourns Queen Elizabeth II.
  • So does The Crown creator Peter Morgan
  • This has consequences for the Netflix series 

Queen Elizabeth II († 96) is dead. She died on September 8 at the age of 96. All of Britain mourns the loss of its royal leader. The Crown creator Peter Morgan also expresses his sadness and respect for the Queen.

After the death of the Queen: "The Crown" production has been paused

Peter Morgan tells Deadline: "The Crown is a love letter to [the Queen] and I've nothing to add for now, just silence and respect. " In his statement, the The Crown maker announced that filming would be suspended.

"I expect we will stop filming out of respect too.", announces Peter Morgan in the statement as he would like to pay his last respects to the late Queen Elizabeth II. 

Also interesting:

Filming has been running since 2021The Crown season 5. Season 6 of The Crown will be the last of the popular Netflix series about the British royal family. It is unlikely that current events will be included in the show as it is said to end in the early 2000s.