• The Crown is entering its next season
  • A very awkward moment between King Charles and Camilla is portrayed
  • THIS is what their intimate phone call was about

Right from the start, the Netflix series The Crown made it its task to portray the life of the British royals with all its ups and downs. 

Even the new King Charles III (73) is not spared. After a few moments from his early days with Camilla (75) and the sad truth about Charles and Lady Diana (†36) were shown in the last season, viewers can relive what was probably the Prince's most embarrassing moment in season five.

The Crown relives Charles and Camilla's intimate conversation

The Crown recreates Charles and Camilla's private phone call in 1989, which resulted in a very intimate conversation. In it, Charles stated that he would like to "live in her pants". 

When Camilla then joked that Charles might be reincarnated as a pair of panties, he replied: "Knowing my happiness, it would be a tampax."

What the couple didn't know at the time: the conversation was intercepted and published and disseminated by the media in 1993. The ensuing scandal is featured in The Crown.

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For Dominic West (53), who embodies Charles in the new season, the disappointment is not with Charles and Camilla. He explains to Entertainment Weekly:

"I remember thinking it was something so sordid and deeply, deeply embarrassing. Looking back on it, and having to play it, what you're conscious of is that the blame was not with these two people, two lovers, who were having a private conversation. What's really [clear now] is how invasive and disgusting was the press's attention to it, that they printed it out verbatim and you could call a number and listen to the actual tape."

He could therefore sympathize with King Charles and Queen Camilla. The fifth season of the Netflix hit will probably receive special attention.

The new episodes of The Crown deal with the divorce of Charles and Diana, a particularly critical time for the royal family. In addition, it will be the first season since the death of Queen Elizabeth II (†96).