• The Crown celebrates great success
  • However, the series is heavily criticized for its portrayal
  • THIS is really true in the series

The series The Crown celebrates great success worldwide. The story about the British royal family seems to interest many viewers. Creator Peter Morgan's production has been running on the Netflix streaming platform since 2016.

The number of viewers speaks for itself. After the death of the Queen in September 2022, however, the voices of the critics became louder and louder. Some historians, including royal biographers Sally Bedell Smith and Hugo Vickers, have had concerns about how various events and circumstances are portrayed. What is true in The Crown and what is fiction?

The Crown: What is true in the series?

This is not so accurate in The Crown: For example, the connection of the Duke of Windsor, former King Edward VIII, to the Nazi Party is downplayed in The Crown. In real life, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor appear to have been close friends with several Nazi officers.

There is also a lot of discussion about the portrayal of the trio of Diana, Charles, and Camilla. The Crown creates the situation that Charles kept in touch with Camilla throughout his marriage to Diana. According to Smith's biography of Prince Charles, both ended their affair when Charles married Diana. They didn't get in touch again until 1986.

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The Crown: Something has been added to the Queen and Philip's marriage

Also regarding the marriage of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, some stories portrayed in the series were added for the sake of drama and are therefore not entirely true. Philip is said to have been involved in a sex scandal in 1963 alongside then-Secretary of War John Profumo.

Buckingham Palace denies this involvement to this day. Likewise, the palace denies Philip's alleged affair with a Russian ballet dancer. As well, The Crown creates a "love story" about the Queen and her childhood friend Lord "Porchie" Porchester, which is said to have never existed.

The website Reader's Digest has worked out other scenes that, according to historians or Buckingham Palace, did not exist. The Queen's communications secretary told the New York Times that the royal family will not comment on The Crown. The question of whether the royals watch the show themselves is unclear. However, according to Reader's Digest, there have been reports that the Queen watched the first season.