• Harry has fun without Meghan 
  • The Prince was without his wife at soccer match 
  • He seemed unhappy with his wife before

What's going on with Prince Harry (38) and his Meghan (42) these days? Harry was at Lionel Messi's (36) soccer game without Duchess Meghan and seemed to be in a very good mood all on his own. At a concert he had attended with his wife, however, he seemed not all too thrilled to be there with her in some shots. Speculation has already started, and fans are wondering if there is trouble in paradise. Here is what happened, and you can decide for yourself.

Is Harry having more fun without Meghan? 

Harry was one of the VIPs at Lionel Messi's soccer in Los Angeles on Saturday without his wife. Duchess Meghan was actually also invited to the game. But she was very conspicuous because of her absence. Harry, however, proved with his visit that he can have fun without his wife, because during the game he was seen beaming and in a good mood.  Who wouldn't be when you're watching Messi do his thing on the field.

Just days before, the two were at a concert together with Meghan's mother, Doria Ragland (67). They attended a show by superstar Beyoncé (41) in Inglewood, California. Some pictures show the duchess exuberant, while her husband looks rather gloomy. Maybe he's not just not that into the music. 

The photos immediately sparked marriage crisis rumors in the British media. Are they unfounded? Probably so, since there are videos from the same concert that show the British royal having a good time. Maybe he just didn't like the song that Bey was doing at the time. They can't all be winners!

In a few days time, Harry will be heading to Europe where he will visit the WellChild Awards in his British homeland. Afterwards it's off to Düsseldorf and the Invictus Games for him. For the first part Harry will most likely walk alone, as Meghan is to visit him in Germany only shortly before his birthday, on September 15.  

Also interesting: 

It wouldn't be the first time that rumors of their lack of connection have popped up. There have several occasions in the past where Meghan and Harry may have been feuding. After all, they are a couple and couples don't always smile together. Royal fans know that Harry is a major soccer fan, and watching Lionel Messi is probably way more thrilling that watching Beyoncé for him. Was he dragged to the show by his wife?

Messi only needs a ball to put on a show and wow millions of fans at the same time. By contrast, Beyoncé can't exactly bend a free kick top bins from 30 yards out! No offense to her. "Single Ladies" is fun and all, but when you look at it that way, is there any doubt Harry was way happier watching Leo?