• Harry and Meghan deny allegations
  • They have not withdrawn form royal life for privacy
  • That's what their spokeswoman says

Apparently, Meghan (41) and Harry (38) did not consider privacy the main reason for their withdrawal from senior working royal life. 

Harry and Meghan want to fulfill their duties

Harry and Meghan's spokeswoman Ashley Hansen dismissed the assumption that her decision to step down from senior royal duties was all about privacy. 

"Their statement announcing their decision to step back mentions nothing of privacy and reiterates their desire to continue their roles and public duties, she said to the New York Times.

"Any suggestion otherwise speaks to a key point of this series. They are choosing to share their story, on their terms, and yet the tabloid media has created an entirely untrue narrative that permeates press coverage and public opinion. The facts are right in front of them," continued Ashley Hansen.

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If you want to know the truth, you should watch the Harry & Meghan docu-series instead on Netflix. Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan share pictures and footage of themselves and their children in the six-part Netflix documentary. Volume 1 was released on Thursday, December 8th, 2022 and we can expect the final three episodes on December 15th.