The Cambridge family loves to share special moments from their life on social media. But only now are Prince George, 7, Princess Charlotte, 5, and Prince Louis, 2, taking the lead. In a new video chat, they each ask Sir David Attenborough a question, and royal fans are loving the rare chance to hear the kids speak.

George, Charlotte & Louis interview David Attenborough

Prince William and Duchess Kate are no doubt proud of their children. With the new video, George, Charlotte and little Louis not only melted the hearts of royal fans, but they also displayed genuine interest in animals and the environment.

Prince George started the conversation with a serious and thoughtful question: "What animal do you think will become extinct next?" The naturalist replied that a lot could be done to prevent species from becoming extinct.

Prince George had a serious question for David Attenborough

Last weekend, when David Attenborough himself visited the royal family, George in particular was enthusiastic about the well-known naturalist. The 7-year-old even received a special gift from him: a 23-million-year-old shark tooth from an extinct megalodon. His question about animal extinction appears to have been no accident.

Also from Attenborough's recent visit to Kensington Palace, Duchess Kate and Prince William shared photos on Instagram.

Princess Charlotte is a spider enthusiast

After Attenborough's detailed answer to George's question, it was Princess Charlotte's turn. "I like spiders. Do you like spiders too?" was the honest question from the somewhat shy 5-year-old. Attenborough shared his love of spiders and was happy that Charlotte was also enthusiastic about them.

Incidentally, Attenborough's personal and virtual meetings with the royal family came to promote his new documentary David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet with Prince William. The nature-loving Cambridge kids must have watched with excitement.

Last but not least, at just 2 years old, Prince Louis proved that he can already interview celebrities. He asked: "What animal do you like?" To the prince, the naturalist replied that they were monkeys because they are "such fun."

While the Cambridge children were the stars of the video with Attenborough, William and Kate recently shared a conversation of their own, too, speaking with first responders and business owners on Kangaroo Island, in Australia.

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