• All has been quiet around Princess Charlene
  • The Riviera Water Bike Challenge is coming soon
  • The Princess could return for this date

Since her ENT infection last year, Princess Charlene, 44, has almost completely disappeared from the scene.

After having to stay in South Africa for a few months, she was only in Monaco for a few hours at the end of 2021 before she moved to a clinic abroad. Since then, Prince Albert's wife has not made any public appearances. But that could change soon.

Princess Charlene could return in June

As Princess Charlene's foundation is now announcing, the Riviera Water Bike Challenge will take place in a few months. Teams ride on so-called "water bikes" in staggered races.

The competition will be held in Monaco on June 5. The event's sponsorship money goes to the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, and Charlene never misses the race.

Also interesting:

The race was held for the first time in 2017. Princess Charlene even participated in it herself several times. It is therefore quite unlikely that she will be kept away from the Water Bike Challenge in 2022.

This date could even mean a comeback for the wife of Prince Albert. Royal fans and the Monegasque people would certainly be very happy to welcome Charlene back to Monaco.

We last heard from Princess Charlene in February when she shared a message about a unique art project.