• Charities and patronages are key to royal work
  • Royal families often focus on education
  • This is how various royals advocate for education today

Royal families throughout history have played an important role in promoting education and literacy around the world.

Since ancient times, monarchs have led efforts to encourage learning and knowledge, and this tradition is still alive today.

This is how Europe's royals promote education today

In many countries, members of the Royal Family are seen as leaders and advocates of social causes, and education is one of the most important.

From visiting schools and universities to creating educational programs and participating in literacy campaigns, the Royal Family strives to expand access to education for all.

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Notably in the United Kingdom, the royals have worked closely with charities and trusts to improve the quality of education and learning in the country.

In particular, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have worked on education projects around the world, including the creation of a school in Malawi.

Princess Takamado has been an active advocate for education in Asia. She's been involved in numerous initiatives to improve access to education for children and youth in the region.

Royals like Maxima and Madeleine aim to help children 

Queen Rania of Jordan is an advocate for knowledge and has worked to improve access to education in her country.

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands is a UNICEF ambassador and has worked on education projects for children around the world.

Princess Madeleine of Sweden is an advocate for children and has worked on child abuse prevention and education projects.

Infanta Elena of Spain is President of the Santa María la Real de Nájera Foundation and has worked to improve education and literacy in Spain.

Through leadership and support of educational initiatives, royal families continue to promote a more educated and better informed future...

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