• Duchess Kate just wore an unusual outfit
  • On Instagram the royal wears jogging pants
  • This is the reason for the special look

When you think of royals like Duchess Kate, 40, specific images come to mind: for example, particularly grand and magnificent outfits. But the Royal Family star is proving that doesn't always have to be the case.

New video: Duchess Kate shows up in jogging pants

Duchess Kate has now worn a look that no one is used to from her. In an Instagram video, Prince William's wife is seen in jogging pants.

In the post, we see Kate using editing tricks to throw a rugby ball to various young athletes.

She writes: "I am so thrilled to become Patron of the Rugby Football League and Rugby Football Union."

Kate has now taken over from Prince Harry, who gave up the rugby patronages when he quit royal work.

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Duchess Kate demonstrates her skill on the rugby pitch in the video. Casual and cool, she lets the ball spin on her index finger — wow!

Will the sporty outfit make Duchess Kate's Top 10 most popular looks? After all, jogging pants are currently in style.