• Kate and Pippa Middleton are among the most photographed faces in the world
  • They have a close bond that extends all the way back to their childhood

Many in Britain see in Princess Kate, remnants of the late Princess Diana. One of the things that characterizes Kate is her devotion to family. Her husband, Prince William, and their children make up a great deal of Kate's entire life. However, she also has two siblings and both of her parents who share in her love and devotion as well.

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Kate And Sister Pippa Middleton Are A Real Dynamic Duo!

¡Kate será tía nuevamente! Su hermana Pippa Middleton está embarazada de su tercer hijo

Particularly her sister Pippa, who was introduced to the world back at Kate's and Prince William's wedding back in 2011. She caused quite the sensation at the most televised wedding in history, and millions were introduced to the beautiful and vivacious Pippa Middleton. Since then, photographers have caught Kate and Pippa together at many different occasions. And it's clear that they are quite close.

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