• King Charles' portrait unleashes a red storm
  • The artistic choice divided the internet
  • THESE are his real thoughts

Last week, the art and royal worlds collided spectacularly when Jonathan Yeo (artist, age undisclosed) revealed his official painting of King Charles III, sending shockwaves across the globe. The 8-foot canvas, dominated by a bold red hue, quickly became the center of attention, not just for its artistic merit but for the flurry of memes and TikTok videos it inspired. But what did the King himself think of this daring choice?

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King Charles' verdict on the vibrant portrait

During a revealing conversation on A Right Royal Podcast, Yeo shared insights into the royal sittings and the moment of truth when King Charles got his first glimpse of the nearly completed portrait. "If he'd been appalled, I think, I might have rethought it," Yeo admitted. But, to the artist's relief and perhaps to the surprise of many, the King did not object. Instead, the choice of red, a decision Yeo made early on for its intriguing qualities, received the royal nod.

The choice of color was no accident. Tasked with matching the intensity of other royal portraits in The Drapers Company's collection and ensuring King Charles was depicted in the Welsh Guard’s tunic, Yeo was determined to make the portrait stand out. "You want it to be interesting," he said, and interesting it certainly was. The vibrant red not only captured the essence of the King's regal attire but also set the internet ablaze with opinions.

. 14/05/2024. London, United Kingdom. King Charles III with artist Jonathan Yeo at the unveiling of the artists new port

The artist behind the canvas

Jonathan Yeo, no stranger to painting royalty, found this commission to be more formal than his previous works. The specific requirements and the high-profile nature of the job presented unique challenges, from capturing the likeness of the monarch to incorporating the bright red of the Welsh Guard's uniform. Yet, Yeo navigated these with the skill of a seasoned artist, ultimately creating a portrait that will be remembered for years to come.

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