• James Middleton reveals heartwarming tribute
  • He shares post about his therapy dog, Ella
  • Ella is the inspiration behind his new memoir

In an emotional rollercoaster of an Instagram update, James Middleton (37), entrepreneur and brother to Princess Kate, has left fans reaching for the tissues. Revealing snapshots from a press event for his heart-stirring memoir, 'Meet Ella: The Dog Who Saved My Life,' James opened up about the profound impact his late Cocker Spaniel, Ella, had on him during their 15 years together.

"For fifteen years Ella carried me over the obstacles life threw at me…but in our last moments together I carried her," James poignantly shared. The cover of his book, a touching photograph taken on one of their final walks, symbolizes the deep bond they shared. "This photo means so much to me," he confessed, detailing the emotional weight of their last days together.

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A companion through thick and thin

Ella wasn't just any pet; she was a lifeline for James during his darkest days battling depression. Her passing in January 2023 marked the end of an era of unconditional love and support. "I’m just about holding it together to write this," James admitted, highlighting the indelible mark Ella left on his life.

Despite the grief, life goes on for James, his wife Alizee, and their baby boy Inigo. The couple, who tied the knot in a picturesque ceremony in France in 2021, has been navigating parenthood with their pack of pooches. James's story of how Ella inadvertently played cupid, leading him to meet Alizee, adds a layer of destiny to their tale.

An ode to loyalty and love

Set to hit the shelves on 26 September, James's memoir is more than just a recount of his life with Ella. It's a testament to the extraordinary bond between a man and his dog, a narrative that weaves through royal weddings and intimate family moments, proving that sometimes, our pets choose us in ways we could never imagine.

The love story between James and Alizee, sparked by a chance encounter thanks to Ella, reads like a fairy tale. James's recount of mistaking Alizee for a waiter while she was smitten with Ella underlines the serendipitous nature of their meeting. It's a reminder of the unpredictable ways in which our lives can change course, often for the better.

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James Middleton

James Middleton (36), entrepreneur and brother to the Princess of Wales, pens an emotional memoir celebrating his late dog Ella and their extraordinary bond.

James Middleton Shares Heartwarming Inspiration For Debut Book