• The coronation of King Charles is coming
  • Camilla will also be crowned
  • This is how the ceremony will work

It's going to be a major moment for the British people. However, it does not stop at this one coronation. Because the former Duchess Camilla, who has held the title of Queen Consort since Queen Elizabeth II's death († 96), will also be crowned on May 6th. First of all, the ceremony, which lasts several hours, revolves around Charles.

Charles won't be the only one getting a crown

It's all a big to do. He will first take his oath of office and be anointed and crowned by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Then it's Camilla's turn. Charles has to nod his head in agreement with the appointment as Queen.

Also interesting:

Finally, the crown named after Mary of Teck, wife of King George V, is placed on Camilla's head. The piece of jewelry is set with three of the so-called Cullinan diamonds, which come from the largest known gemstone in the world...

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