• The Queen's funeral took place on September 19th 
  • Why was the seat in front of King Charles empty?
  • Royal expert explains

During the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II (†96) an empty chair in the chapel raised questions among some viewers. Because of all things, the seat in front of King Charles III (73) and next to his brother Prince Edward (58) remained empty. The British tabloid Express revealed the meaning behind it. 

That's why the seat in front of King Charles at Queen's service remained empty

The seat in front of the reigning monarch must remain empty at public events, according to royal protocol. It has been speculated at previous events that this is intended to represent a deceased member of the royal family. 

Thus, at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan, many suspected that the seat was left empty in memory of Princess Diana. However, this is not the case. The seat is only kept free so that the view of the monarch is not blocked.

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This tradition could also be observed at other events, such as the wedding of Princess Eugenie (32) in St. George's Chapel.