• King Charles has been very busy
  • He was recently in an event for the Asian community
  • The King had a surprising confession about food

It was a momentous day for Charles. This week the monarch celebrated in the palace the contribution that the Asian communities have made to the United Kingdom, accompanied by his wife, the queen consort Camila. And those in attendance were very keen on grabbing their picture.

King Charles III knows what he likes

The royal couple were all smiles during the event and, of course, the audience took advantage of the moment to ask the king a couple of questions, while snacks and drinks were served. Among the guests at the event were the hosts of Korean Englishman, a YouTube channel on everything related to Korean culture, including, of course, gastronomy.

Also interesting:

To everyone's surprise, King Charles knows about their channel, which is why he had a talk with Joshua Carrott, one of the hosts. He asked the King if he had ever eaten Korean dishes, to which Charles replied that he was "a big fan" of that particular gastronomy...

Watch the video above to learn more!