• Another egg was thrown at King Charles III 
  • The monarch was visiting Luton
  • A man was arrested

Someone was going after King Charles III again. Four weeks ago in York, a man threw eggs at the King, and now it appears to have happened again. This time, Charles visited the town of Luton, where he again shook hands with the townsfolk, narrowly escaping a flying egg.

King Charles III missed an egg

A video, that is available on the Daily Mail, shows King Charles III greeting fans and then suddenly being led away from the crowd by a security man. It is reported that a man threw an egg, but Charles was not hit.

Also interesting:

Bedfordshire Police later confirmed that a suspected man had been arrested and was in custody. However, according to the newspaper, the King was not deterred by the incident and continued to shake hands with citizens elsewhere.

However, one has to wonder if the egg throwing at King Charles III is now becoming a new trend, with the attackers not having to reckon with any serious consequences so far. 

The 23-year-old student who tried in York with four eggs, according to the Daily Mail was only forbidden to carry eggs in public and he must keep a minimum distance of 500 meters from the monarch.

Meanwhile, King Charles should be happy that his egg attackers have all missed him so far. So he can be without unsightly pictures.