• King Charles III had problems as a teenager
  • He was bullied by his classmates
  • A former classmate tells it

It is commonly known that King Charles didn't exactly have an easy childhood. Even then, he was under pressure as heir to the throne. Even as a kid, the pressure of being the heir to the throne weighed on him. Now we know all the details about his youth.

King Charles III was a victim of bullying

It is said, that the then prince was a victim of bullying and was even beaten by his classmates! The whole thing is said to have happened at the Scottish boarding school Gordonstoun, as revealed through the documentary Charles: Our New King. 

"One of the mistakes that was made when Charles arrived at Gordonstoun was that we were all told he was just to be treated like everybody else. But he wasn't everybody else, was he? He was going to be King of England", said his former classmate John Stonborough. Something terrible happened at a rugby match, making Charles' experience with his schoolmates worse. 

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"I actually witnessed one straight attack on Prince Charles during a rugby game when he was in the scrum and one guy pulled his ear and another guy punched him - right in the scrum. And there was a little bit of pride that somehow these people managed to clock the future King of England."

So King Charles didn't have it easy growing up in school, though he never seemed to complain about it.