• Royals are often associated with an impeccable appearance
  • Their favorite scent, however, is often a mystery
  • Some of these may surprise you

It's a big part of how people perceive you and it has nothing to do with the eyes. And that is, perfume or cologne, which you can't see but in Prince Harry's own words, is "associated" with the memory of a person. Here are 8 royals and the fragrances they've worn over the years.

These royals smell pretty good

Let's begin our list with Great Britain's current monarch: King Charles III. Throughout his new book, Prince Harry describes his father's favorite fragrance and his father as "sniffing everything", saying that he must have had a hard time smelling from wearing so much of his favorite scent, Eau Sauvage.

Also interesting:

Let's carry on with Kate Middleton. For her 2011 wedding, the Princess of Wales chose a floral fragrance by lesser-known British perfume company Illuminum. And it seems like she's stayed with that fragrance ever since.

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