• King Charles wants to protect his grandchildren
  • He wants to avoid mistakes from the past
  • THIS is what he values now

The coronation of King Charles (74) ushered in a new era in the British monarchy. Just behind Charles in the line of succession are his son Prince William (40) and his angel Prince George (9). Especially concerning the latter and his siblings, Charles does not want to repeat some mistakes from the past under any circumstances.

King Charles wants to make changes!

William and Kate's children George, Charlotte (8) and Louis (5) are already allowed to spend their childhood somewhat differently than their father and grandfather. It's very important that the three have as much freedom as possible and can lead a relatively normal life.

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But there's one thing Charles wants to protect his grandchildren in particular from, as historian Chandrika Kaul reveals in the 'The Fab Five: The King's Children' documentary...

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