• Princess Diana looked out for Prince Harry as a child
  • She didn't want him growing up overshadowed by William
  • Charles corrupted her plan for Harry, Diana's ex-butler says

Could all the drama surrounding the British royals and Prince Harry have been avoided?

According to Princess Diana's former butler Paul Burrell, one decision could have changed everything.

Diana, in fact, did not want her younger son to go to Eton College like his big brother did.

Princess Diana's request for Harry was not honoured

At the blog Slingo, Burrell claimed: "Diana didn't want Harry to follow in the wake of William because she knew he wasn’t as academic as William.

"She knew he wasn’t as sharp as William, she knew he wasn’t as intellectual as William, and she thought that Harry would be compared to his brother at school and she didn’t want him to suffer that."

Also interesting:

Further, he added: "She wanted him to go to a different school, but she lost that battle to [King Charles] who insisted both his sons went to Eton"

"Had she had her way, Harry might have turned out differently," the butler suggested.

Prince William was enrolled at Eton College in 1995 and mum Diana was present for his first day at school. Prince Harry attended the prestigious school only after her death.

How Harry's future might have looked, had he not gone to the school with his brother, can only be speculated...

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