• Princess Diana was a caring godmother to 17 godchildren
  • One of her godchildren, Leonora Knatchbull, died young
  • This is what happened – and how it affected Diana

Princess Diana is not just known as "The Queen of Hearts" – she also lived life with a very big heart.

For instance, she lovingly cared for her total of 17 godchildren. But the fate of one child particularly shook Lady Di...

The fate of Leonora Knatchbull, Princess Diana's goddaughter

The tragedy began in 1990. Prince Charles and Princess Diana were then on vacation in Spain with their friends, the Knatchbull family.

Along with Prince William and Prince Harry was also the daughter of the Knatchbulls, 4-year-old Leonora. She was the youngest child of Penelope and Norton Romsey, members of the Knatchbull family.

Suddenly Leonora fell ill while on vacation. The doctors in Spain announced a terrible diagnosis: kidney cancer.

Also interesting:

Princess Diana ensured that the family friends could immediately fly to England on the royal plane to start cancer treatment as soon as possible.

However, little Leonora died in 1991 at the age of only 5 years. Unfortunately, 14 months of chemotherapy had not brought the hoped-for success.

Diana had visited Leonora several times in the hospital and was of course also present at the funeral service. For the Princess, the fate of little Leonora was difficult to bear.

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