• Here are the Lady Di interview and Meghan's interview in comparison
  • If you take a closer look, you will see strong similarities
  • Both women simply couldn't cope with life in the palace

But did you know that there are strong similarities between the Sussexes' Oprah interview and Princess Diana's iconic BBC interview? When you do the comparison, the parallels are rather striking! We did some digging for you, and here is how it all breaks down as far as how the two interviews are almost the same!

The Lady Di interview parallels Meghan's statements

In both interviews, the mental health of the two women played a major role. It was a massive talking point, specially given the current climate surrounding the conversation on mental health. People were very intrigued to know more. However, talking about it was as taboo for the British royals then as now.

Also interesting:

Nevertheless, both plucked up the courage to go public. As Princess Diana reported in 1995, she always struggled with the lack of support from the other royals. Duchess Meghan also complained in her interview that she was being systematically excluded from her husband's family!

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