According to Saira Khan, Prince William and Duchess Catherine appearing with Mary Berry in the BBC's A Berry Royal Christmas was "the perfect PR campaign" for the royal family. The presenter appeared as a panelist on ITV's Loose Women on Tuesday and accused the royals of trying to distract the public from the scandal that still surrounds Prince Andrew.

Saira Khan: "Can't keep rolling these two out..."

"The royal family is in crisis, I believe, and the royal family can't keep rolling these two out, letting us forget what's going on," Saira Khan said on the panel.

She was - naturally - referring to the fact that Prince Andrew had to step back from all royal duties "for the foreseeable future" because of his involvement with the late Jeffrey Epstein.

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Khan continues: "I do feel that this is the perfect PR campaign and let's not forget, you know, that last night's Mary Berry documentary started filming in September, which is the same month where Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Roberts gave her first interview to American TV."

She went on to call the Duke and Duchess'"privileged" and also criticized their charity work: "I do believe if you're going to make a documentary with the royals, let us see them do some proper charity work."

At that moment, the other panelists Carol McGiffin and Gloria Hunniford intervened to argue that Prince William and Duchess Catherine actually do more work for charity than Khan does.