Duchess Meghan won her invasion of privacy lawsuit in High Court today. According to ET, Judge Mark Warby ruled that publishers of The Mail on Sunday violated Meghan's privacy by publishing contents of a private letter she sent to her father, Thomas Markle Sr., in 2018.

Reports say a limited trial will still take place on the issue of copyright ownership of the letter, but today's ruling is a major victory for Meghan. Responding to the win, the Duchess released a statement calling out the "dehumanizing" tactics of UK tabloids and declaring the victory a win for "all."

Meghan Markle's statement on winning privacy lawsuit

"After two long years of pursuing litigation, I am grateful to the courts for holding Associated Newspapers and The Mail on Sunday to account for their illegal and dehumanizing practices," Meghan's statement opened.

"These tactics (and those of their sister publications MailOnline and the Daily Mail) are not new; in fact, they've been going on for far too long without consequence. For these outlets, it's a game. For me and so many others, it's real life, real relationships, and very real sadness. The damage they have done and continue to do runs deep."

Duchess Meghan calls out tabloids after winning privacy lawsuit.

The statement continued, "The world needs reliable, fact-checked, high-quality news. What The Mail on Sunday and its partner publications do is the opposite. We all lose when misinformation sells more than truth, when moral exploitation sells more than decency, and when companies create their business model to profit from people's pain.

"But for today, with this comprehensive win on both privacy and copyright, we have all won. We now know, and hope it creates legal precedent, that you cannot take somebody's privacy and exploit it in a privacy case, as the defendant has blatantly done over the past two years."

Duchess Meghan's High Court victory: A win for "all"

Meghan's statement on the win concluded on a collective note, with the Duchess writing: "I share this victory with each of you—because we all deserve justice and truth, and we all deserve better."

She then gave particular thanks to "my husband, mom, and legal team, and especially Jenny Afia for her unrelenting support throughout this process." It now appears Meghan will not face her estranged father in court, as a result of today's ruling.

Nonetheless, her family has made efforts to keep in the news of late, as Thomas Markle Sr. recently announced plans to make a documentary about his daughter, while Meghan's half-sister Samantha released a book about their lives earlier this year.

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