• Meghan Markle's defends Sussex website relaunch
  • Markle claps back at critics in new statement
  • She praises her designing team

The internet's buzzing and critics are chirping, but Meghan Markle isn't having any of it! The Duchess of Sussex has fiercely defended the relaunch of her and Prince Harry's website, Sussex.com, and she's done it with style and grace. "They're not just designers; they are collaborators who elevate your ideas into visual identities," Meghan praised the team at Article, the Canadian design wizards behind the site.

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Sure, the use of their Coat of Arms raised a few eyebrows, but Meghan and Harry are standing tall. Sussex.com isn't just any website; it's a royal "one-stop shop" for all things Sussex. From their philanthropic Archewell Foundation to the buzz-worthy Archewell Productions, the site's got it all. And let's not forget the nod to their history with the link back to the infamous Sussex Royal website. Drama? Maybe. Determination? Definitely.

New ventures and royal visits

Meghan's not just defending websites; she's also diving into new projects! The Duchess has inked a deal with Lemonada Media for a fresh podcast series. And while their Spotify saga may have ended, the Sussexes are far from silent. Plus, Meghan and Harry just touched down in Vancouver for a visit that's sure to be filled with royal flair.

Sussex.com features the royal couple's Coat of Arms, and while some may question it, the site's cultural and historical significance is clear. Meghan and Harry are redefining what it means to be royals in the digital age.

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Meghan's testimonial: A royal seal of approval

Meghan's heartfelt testimonial on madebyarticle.com is more than just words; it's a royal seal of approval for a team that's been with her through thick and thin, from the days of The Tig to the dawn of Sussex.com.