• Prince William celebrates his 40th birthday today
  • The royal receives congratulations from all over the world
  • Prince Charles came up with something special on Instagram

Happy Birthday, Prince William! The second in line to the throne turns 40 on Tuesday and of course the other royals are celebrating that too. Above all, Prince Charles was sure to congratulate his son on Instagram.

Prince Charles: Sweet congratulations to Prince William

For the big day, Prince Charles posted a slideshow with five photos showing William from shortly after his birth to today. In the first picture, Charles is holding the little prince as he leaves the hospital. The following is a picture from a skiing holiday together. 

It's been a while since the next photo, where the royals are seen having some fun in nature. After a photo showing the father-son team with Prince George and Duchess Camilla at Trooping the Colour, a previously unseen picture follows.

Also interesting:

In the new photo, Prince Charles and Prince William snuggle up to each other and smile at the camera. We're wondering: did Duchess Kate or Duchess Camilla take the picture?

Certainly, the royal will have received more than just digital greetings for his birthday. Perhaps father and son celebrated the day of honour together.