• This week was Prince William's first appointment...
  • ...since Kate announced her cancer diagnosis
  • He received some heart-rending words for her

At a time of personal challenges for the royal family, Prince William proved that he is more than just a member of the royal family.

During his visit to the charity Surplus to Supper, he not only showed himself to be emotionally moved, but also a pillar of support for the community and his family. The Prince of Wales actively helped with loading food and cooking.

Prince William makes a promise

The meeting with 71-year-old volunteer Rachel Candappa was a particularly moving moment, as 'Mirror' reports. Rachel presented Prince William with two get-well cards for the King and Princess Kate, to which he replied, visibly moved, "Thank you, that's very kind of you."

Also interesting:

When Rachel asked the heir to the throne to look after Kate, he placed his hand on her shoulder and promised emphatically: "I will." Rachel's words after the meeting underscore the emotional depth of this exchange...

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