Archie, the son of Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry, is now 2 years old. Like many children his age, the little royal is already going to daycare. Meghan and Harry have, according to the Mirror, chosen the All Saints by the Sea Episcopal School, located near their home.

A parent of one of Archie's schoolmates told the newspaper that Meghan and Harry are fitting in like any other parents: "Harry often drops Archie off and picks him up, and seems like a good dad. All the parents have been laidback in welcoming Harry and Meghan, without making a fuss."

Prince Harry's son Archie: This is how he feels at daycare

Archie may be seventh in line to the UK throne, but the children are unaware that he's even a royal. "They don't know his parents are royalty, and probably wouldn't care – unless Meghan was a Disney princess," added the parent. It seems like Meghan and Harry, who are considering moving soon, want normalcy for their son.

The nursery school, on the other hand, is anything but normal: it aims to teach environmental awareness and "emotional literacy" to the children from an early age.

Instead of the typical games and early education subjects, the kids learn a lot about nature, according to the Mirror. They help diligently in the garden, grow vegetables, harvest fruit, and spend time with bees.

In small classes, additional emphasis is placed on foreign language training. Archie can already start learning Spanish at daycare. Music, dance, theatre, and coding are also in the curriculum.

Certainly, Meghan and Harry chose the daycare because of their focus on mental health, which should not be neglected in the classroom. For Archie, it's the first step in his education. Later, he will likely go to a local elementary school and then immerse himself in the American high school system.

There would also be the possibility for Meghan and Harry to teach their son at home. But since the two want Archie to grow up as normally as possible, they'll likely choose schools where their son can socialize and simply be a child.

If Archie's daycare centre suits them, it would be possible that his little sister Lili will also attend this daycare centre later on.