• Harry and Meghan continue to make the headlines
  • Last week they alleged to be involved in a high speed car chase with the press
  • Photographers are now speaking out against them

Last week, the world was shocked to hear that Harry and Meghan were involved in a "near catastrophic car chase" in New York City after an event. A spokesman for the couple was to quick to point out the danger that photographers put Harry and Meghan in. And now the press is hitting back with a vengeance exposing what really happened that day!

Harry and Meghan have some explaining to do!

According to nearly a dozen photographers who spoke to the 'New York Times', the incident was manufactured or overhyped by the couple.

Also interesting:

A photographer with Backgrid refused to give the couple images taken during the alleged chase, telling the newspaper that “there is nothing for the public or the police to actually be concerned about...” 

Watch the video above to learn more!