She's preparing to come home!

Prince Albert Shares Update On Princess Charlene's Condition

Prince Albert Shares Update On Princess Charlene's Condition

In a new interview, Prince Albert has revealed that Princess Charlene is set to return to Monaco! He commented on how Charlene is doing post-operation, as well as her recent reunion with their kids. Get the details on the royal's present health here!

Prince Albert says that Princess Charlene is getting ready to go home for the first time in months! The royal recently talked to People about his wife's health, giving a highly anticipated update on when she can be expected back in Monaco.

Prince Albert says Charlene could return home before October

Prince Albert told the outlet that Princess Charlene is "ready to come home," but is currently waiting on the medical clearance necessary in order to do so. He explained that while Charlene has previously suggested a return to Monaco in "'late October'" would be possible, she has been doing well and could possibly fly back later this month if her doctors permit it.

Albert even mentioned how Charlene has "jokingly said that she's ready to stowaway on a ship to come back to Europe." The royal is currently in South Africa, which is where she has been living since May. In August, Charlene underwent a four-hour surgical procedure in the hopes of correcting her ENT infection, and Albert said she got "a new reassessment" of her condition from the surgeon just last week.

Princess Charlene and Prince Albert share new family portrait ahead of the twins 5th birthdays

He also said Charlene "was in good spirits" after this operation, and "delighted" to be with loved ones again. In particular, she was glad to spend time with her 6-year-old children Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, who she had not seen in several months. Hopefully Charlene's recovery continues to go smoothly, and the royal will be able to make the trip back to Monaco soon!