Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla left behind Clarence House for a maskless stroll through London today.

They did, however, put their masks on for indoor visits to celebrate the end of some lockdown restrictions in England. In the town of Clapham, they visited non-essential businesses and chatted with the owners at a barber shop and even a local pub.

Prince Charles lifts his face mask in Clapham

After over a year of on-and-off restrictions, non-essential shops and businesses in England reopened this week. To celebrate, a few lucky businesses were visited by a very important client: Prince Charles.

Prince Charles lifts his mask for a celebratory beer with Camilla.

Accompanied by Duchess Camilla, the Prince of Wales walked through the traditional streets of Clapham, London. They stopped to talk and see some of the shops that have raised their curtains after the end of lockdown in the city.

During the short tour, Charles walked into a local barber shop, a fire station, and the Prince of Wales Pub, where he fittingly had a beer.

No more masks! Prince Charles on the streets of London

Smiling and worry-free, the heir to the throne reached out to the British people and encouraged them to support the businesses that had been affected in the past year.

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla walk maskless through London after lockdown.

According to Daily Mail, Prince Charles even joked about visiting every bar and pub named after him in the country, as long as he is offered a "free drink" at each them.

Prince Charles, who was vaccinated against COVID-19 in February, finished the engagement by visiting the Trinity restaurant of chef Adam Byatt.

The prince also stepped out after reports that he's been displeased with his son Prince Harry's recent comments about his parenting.

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