The Prince of Wales is showing off some of his hidden talents and opens up about his love of painting! For the first time, an art gala will be held to showcase the Royal Heir's work.

After revealing that he's a hidden painter, Charles also disclosed the reason he took up painting, sharing that his mother's hobby wasn't for him!

Prince Charles will showcase 79 paintings

Prince Charles is finally showing off his watercolour paintings, and on February 14 will share 79 of his best works throughout the years! 

Charles, Prince of Wales, paints on a winter's day.

The Garrison Chapel in London will showcase the Prince's works, a series of watercolours that depict his many travels, including landscapes of Scotland, France, Africa, and more.

This marks the first-ever time the public will get to view his art in such a setting. 

Speaking to The Scotsman, the 73-year-old admitted that he started painting watercolours because he found his mother's hobby of photography "less than satisfying".

"Quite simply," the Prince said, "I experienced an overwhelming urge to express what I saw through the medium of watercolour and to convey that almost 'inner' sense of texture, which is impossible to achieve via photograph."

But, his artistic vocation didn't come without trying, and Charles admitted that his earlier works aren't worth displaying.

"Looking back now at those first sketches I did, I am appalled by how bad they are," he said. "But, nevertheless, the great thing about painting is that you are making your own individual interpretation of whatever view you have chosen."

Charles went on to disclose how painting has helped him in his day-to-day life, saying that his watercolour work "refreshes parts of the soul which other activities can't reach."

Furthermore, he also admitted that his paints provide a sense of therapy for him. 

"It all requires the most intense concentration and, consequently, is one of the most relaxing and therapeutic exercises I know," he said. "In fact, in my case, I find it transports me into another dimension which, quite literally, refreshes parts of the soul which other activities can't reach."