• Prince Harry is doing TV interviews for his book Spare
  • He went on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
  • The crowd had a surprising reaction to the royal...

Are you a Prince Harry fan or hater? These days, it's a big debate with his book release and many controversial interviews. 

The British royal has been criticized especially in his homeland of the UK. But he now lives in the US, and was just welcomed on an American late-night talk show.

How The Late Show crowd reacted to Prince Harry!

So, what kind of reception do you think Prince Harry got from the crowd? Well, host Stephen Colbert brought out the royal on The Late Show on Jan. 10...

And Prince Harry was actually met with cheers and a lively standing ovation from the audience as he walked out. 

After a lengthy moment of cheering, the New York City crowd even erupted into chants of Harry's name.

Also interesting:

Prince Harry himself appeared taken aback by the extremely warm reception. He thanked the audience members and joked with Stephen Colbert about "bringing in the crowd."

Harry chatted with the American comedian and late-night host for over 30 minutes about his new book Spare.

While Spare has caused more trouble for Harry in the UK, it seems he's still pretty popular in the US today...

See more in the video above!