A fairly reliable source believes Prince Harry has grown a ponytail in California.

None other than Rob Lowe put his name behind the claim in a new interview on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Lowe is a neighbour of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan in Montecito, and he's revealed the unusual hairstyle he saw on the Duke of Sussex during a rare sighting in the neighbourhood.

Rob Lowe saw Prince Harry with a ponytail in California

Lowe joined The Late Late Show on Monday, when he gave the "scoop" to Corden on his Prince Harry sighting. "I just ran into your countryman, the English treasure, Prince Harry, at the stoplight 10 minutes ago," Lowe told Corden.

"He lives about a mile from me. He's been very reclusive: Seeing him in the neighbourhood is like seeing the Loch Ness Monster," he joked. "And I finally saw him—I finally saw him driving his car—and I may have a scoop. It was very, very quick. Don't totally quote me on it, but it looked like he was wearing a ponytail.

"It looked to me as a casual observer that his hair had grown very long and was pulled back very tightly by what I can only assume was a ponytail," Lowe explained. After Corden was skeptical that Harry would go for a ponytail, Lowe responded, "Oh no, it was him, because I have to say I followed him to the house to see if the car went in."

Rob Lowe is a neighbour of Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan 

Rob Lowe is among the Sussex family's many famous neighbours in the Montecito community of Santa Barbara, California, where they moved in the summer of 2020. Also thought to be nearby are Oprah Winfrey, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, and Katherine McPhee and David Foster.

Rob Lowe claims Prince Harry's grown a ponytail in California.

It's been several weeks now since Prince Harry made a public or video appearance, so royal watchers will no doubt have their eyes peeled for the (apparently) ponytailed prince moving forward. Recently, he and Meghan have been at work on their Spotify podcast, and they shared a stylized Christmas card last month—sans ponytail, however.

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