Prince Harry continues on his quest to raise awareness on the importance of mental health.

This week, the Duke of Sussex joined Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison in launching Peak Fortem, a psychological support service for emergency workers in the oceanic country. The online system was founded by David Wiseman, a close friend and collaborator of Prince Harry.

Prince Harry participates in launch of Peak Fortem in Australia

Through a statement, Prince Harry supported the launch of Peak Fortem, a digital service focused on assisting with the "mental fitness" of emergency workers in Australia.

"Serving in the military, I saw first hand how critical it is to train your mind as a muscle - not only to endure challenges and stresses but to excel, grow and build resilience in all aspects of life," Prince Harry wrote, in a letter he signed with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Prince Harry helped launch Peak Fortem, a new mental health service.

David Wiseman, a friend who partnered with Prince Harry in the creation of the Invictus Games, is responsible for founding the service that's already been offering its remote support this week.

Mental health: one of Prince Harry's chief concerns

But Harry's participation in the launch of Peak Fortem is due not only to his closeness to Wiseman, but also to his commitment to mental health causes—a primary concern of the Duke in his work as a Royal and now in the U.S.

In addition to participating in events and talks where he highlights the importance of psychological care, the prince announced in 2019 that he is preparing a documentary for Apple TV on the subject with Oprah Winfrey.

"Our mental fitness is one and the same as our physical fitness," Prince Harry added, in a comment featured front and centre on Peak Fortem's website.

Harry was also trending this week during the inauguration of U.S. President Joe Biden, as a 2013 photo of the Duke touring the U.S. was spotted during Biden's visit to a cemetery in Virginia.

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