Prince Harry looks very similar to his great-grandfather Prince Andrew. The father of the recently-deceased Prince Philip really passed his looks down to the Duke of Sussex.

Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark had five children with Princess Alice of Battenberg. Their only son was Prince Philip, who would become the husband of Queen Elizabeth II.

Young Prince Harry looks like great-grandfather Prince Andrew

Prince Harry, who is currently in the UK to attend the funeral of his grandfather Prince Philip, certainly got his looks from his paternal ancestors. The above portrait (ca. 1890s) of Prince Andrew in childhood could easily be mistaken for the one seen below of a young Prince Harry.

Young Prince Harry Looks Like His Great-Grandfather Prince Andrew

The similarity extends over several generations. Perhaps young Archie, who already strongly resembles his father Harry, will also carry on the looks of his royal ancestors too.

Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark died in 1944 at the age of 62. Prince Philip and The Queen named Prince Andrew, Duke of York, after his late grandfather. Here you can also learn more about Prince Philip's mother, Princess Alice, who led a difficult but fascinating life.