Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have been living a quieter life in Canada since they moved there after stepping back fromt their royal duties. In fact, they already announced their final official public engagement as senior members of the royal family.

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However, royal expert Angela Mollard believes the Duke of Sussex may be missing the closeness with his brother, Prince William, and feeling isolated, especially after seeing his father, Prince Charles, spending time with the Duke of Cambridge

Royal expert is worried about Prince Harry's well-being

Angela Mollard thinks that Prince Harry has noticed the "friendliness and the sort of clubbable-ness of these two," referring to Prince Charles and Prince William spending time together at recent events. 

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While Prince Harry is believed to be "incredibly strong," Angela Mollard is worried about his well-being. "You just have to wonder when things go wrong, as they inevitably always do, that he’s not feeling isolated," she said.

Harry and William were "best friends" when they were younger

Angela Mollard pointed out that the lack of closeness between Harry and William is really sad. The royal brothers have been dealing with a series of differences in the past years, although they have been described as "best friends" when they were younger.

Will the distance help them to re-build their relationship? Time will tell...