Chef Darren McGrady cooked for the royal family for about 15 years. Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Prince Philip, and even Princess Diana had the opportunity to enjoy some of his dishes!

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The chef, who has written several best-seller cookbooks, has just revealed Prince Harry and Prince William's favourite meal! 

This is Prince Harry and Prince William's favourite meal according to royal chef

It seems like Princes William and Harry are really into classic British recipes. While they have been dealing with a couple of issues in the past, it is undeniable that both have the same preferences when it comes to food.

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According to Cheatsheet, chef McGrady revealed that when the royal brothers were younger, they enjoyed to eat Britain's classic shepherd's pie, which consists of meat and vegetables covered in creamy potatoes. The Dukes of Cambridge and Sussex would request for some comfort food after stressful school weeks! 

Royal chef says he taught Prince Harry how to cook chicken

Royal chef Darren McGrady also said that when Harry and William came into the royal kitchen for a quick snack, he would take the opportunity to teach them something about food. He says, for instance that he was the one who taught the Duke of Sussex how to cook roasted chicken properly!

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Darren McGrady is still in touch with Princess Diana's sons. "I send William and Harry notes every now and again. I send copies of my cookbooks when they come out, hopefully, they use them," he added.