• Prince Harry is shooting himself in the foot when it comes to popularity
  • He's more unpopular with the British than ever before
  • They're asking for his title to be surrendered

Prince Harry (38) was once considered one of the most popular royals in Europe. Especially in Britain, he left some of his family members behind in terms of sympathy. But the tide has now turned.

Prince Harry won't give up his title

Many Brits want Prince Harry to relinquish his title. The 38-year-old refuses and reveals why he is not relinquishing his title. His memoir, which came out on January 10th, has made his response from the English public even more negative. 

A YouGov poll conducted in early January - when some juicy details of Harry's book had already been released - shows the royal is now down with the Brits. A total of 64 percent have a bad image of the prince. 

Only 26 percent still stand by his side and think well of Harry - down from 33 percent in December! His wife Duchess Meghan (41) is even less popular than her husband.

Even young people between the ages of 18 and 24, have dropped in favour. And another royal seems to lose points through Harry's interviews and memoirs: Prince William (40).

Also interesting:

In December, 77 percent of citizens spoke out positively for the heir to the throne. In January only 69 percent. The negative voices rose from 15 to 20 percent. 

That could be due to Prince Harry's accusation that Prince William "attacked" his brother. In addition, he also recently teased the King's wife Camilla and referred to her as  "dangerous“.