• Duchess Meghan first met Prince Andrew in 2016
  • He's the son of Queen Elizabeth, and Harry's uncle
  • Meghan mistook Prince Andrew for a royal assistant

Well that's awkward! Prince Harry has opened up about an amusing mistake his wife Meghan made the first time she met Prince Andrew. 

Prince Harry details the story in his memoir Spare. It happened back in 2016, the same day Meghan met Queen Elizabeth II for the first time.

Harry reveals Meghan's first time meeting Prince Andrew

Harry and Meghan were just dating back then. Prince Andrew was already caught up in his abuse scandal, but it didn't escalate for a few more years.

But apparently – Meghan had no clue who Prince Andrew was. And she mistook him for a personal assistant!

Also interesting:

After Meghan saw Andrew with the Queen, Harry writes: "Meg asked me something about the Queen's assistant. I asked who she was talking about. 'That man holding the purse. That man who walked her to the door. That wasn't her assistant? Who was it?'"

"That was her second son. Andrew," Prince Harry recalled telling Meghan of his uncle. "She definitely hadn't googled us," he wrote.

Lately, Meghan's initial lack of familiarity with the royals has been in the spotlight. Along with curtsying, you can add Prince Andrew to the list that she did not know...

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