• Prince Harry's hair is getting a bit thinner
  • He joked about his hair at the Invictus Games
  • The royal has a sense of humour about it

Prince Harry, 37, and Prince William, 39, are among the most handsome royals, but neither was gifted with a lifetime of great hair.

While William has been noticeably bald for a long time, Harry is also losing his hair on top but a bit more slowly. Now, at the Invictus Games, the royal even joked with an athlete about their common destiny: baldness.

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Prince Harry jokes about his hair loss

In Holland, Prince Harry teased his bald friend Bart van der Burg. Harry joked that before a TV appearance, his friend needs make-up on his forehead because he's lacking in the hair department.

Then Harry poked fun at himself. He admitted that his hair loss has progressed much further lately. "I'm doomed!" he joked.

Bart van der Burg quipped: "We have the same barber!" How great that Prince Harry can have a sense of humour about it.

It seems William and Harry got the hair gene from their father Prince Charles, whose thinning look also got attention back in the day.