• Prince Harry's memoir comes out this year
  • His friends have issued a new warning
  • They claim his book targets one royal

2021 was a year of big reveals from Prince Harry. From the Oprah interview to podcasts and TV, he made headlines with criticisms of the Royal Family.

Prince Harry has been relatively quiet to start the new year, but he is writing a tell-all book. Now a new report makes big claims about his memoir. It sounds like trouble for the Royal Family — and one person in particular.

Prince Harry's friends warn Camilla about his book

The book comes out in late 2022, and we hadn't heard an update in a while. But sources identified as "friends" of Prince Harry just issued a warning in the British press.

Apparently, Harry plans to criticize his stepmother Duchess Camilla in the book, reports The Mirror. She was recently confirmed as the future Queen Consort, so that could get messy.

A friend also told the newspaper that the memoir is "a really intimate take" on Prince Harry's problems with the royals.

The apparent friend of Harry's even believes he is saving the book for his opinion on big topics — like the "Queen Camilla" news, for example.

The friend then said this, which sounds like a line out of a movie: "If they think he's gone soft, they are mistaken. Just wait for the book to come out because that will shake the monarchy to the core."

Also interesting:

Previously, there was even speculation Prince Harry's book could name the relative he accused of racism in the Oprah interview.

So the book is a royal storyline to watch this year. Prince Harry himself also spoke about his intentions behind the book shortly after it was announced.